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Welcome to FolkWords - online resource and magazine focused on folk, acoustic and roots music. We look at its various forms of expression, its influences, how it's developing and why. We're unravelling the intertwining threads of folk music to discover why and how folk music relates to people today. 

Folk music is many things to many people. It's classified and categorised in varied, strange and often inaccurate ways - from traditional, acoustic, world and roots, to nu-folk, electric folk, medieval folk and folk-rock, via bluegrass, country and Americana, through progressive folk, neo folk and electronic psych, to punk folk, folk metal and thrash folk. Its influences range far and wide, ebb, flow and coalesce to span traditional, new and different

FolkWords remains open-minded, eclectic (without dependence on artificial or pointless definitions) and interested in anything that falls under the wider category of folk music.

Tim Carroll



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