‘Cactus’ from Ruth Theodore - intriguing, dramatic, absorbing and bemusing

(July 31, 2016)

Idiosyncratic – the music from Ruth Theodore fits perfectly. However, you define it, that word keeps returning to your mind. For variation you could add individual, eccentric or perhaps quirky, no matter, ‘idiosyncratic’ keeps coming Cactus album cover 001back. There’s a distinct chance you will have heard nothing like this before and equally, once heard you will not forget it. Perhaps not universal in its appeal, however her latest album ‘Cactus’ due for release 23rd September this year, remains something worth wrapping around your ears.

The arrangements are intriguing, sometimes dramatic, often absorbing and occasionally bemusing. Listening to the frantic ‘Buffalo’ and ‘You Can’t Help Who You Love’ you’re introduced to a mix of guitar and piano driven involvement that encompasses pop, folk, jazz and rock – all flying in from somewhere left-field. Moving through the surreal honesty of ‘The Carcass And The Pride’ to the mysteries of love with ‘Kissing In Traffic’ there’s an attraction at work that continues to creep up on you long after its unique arrival.

Ruth Theodore has an avant-garde approach to both music and vocals. ‘Cactus’ takes them, mixes their essence and serves up an alternative view. Idiosyncratic to the core.


Review: Charlie Elland

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