‘Rescattermastered’ from Trail West - mindboggling musicianship

(August 08, 2016)

There’s nothing like the high-energy zip and flourish of a good ceilidh band - that much is true. What is also true, is that Trail West are far more than a ceilidh band, they are an outstanding band - and steadily spreading the reach of their music. Their Trail West rescattermasteredsecond album, ‘Rescattermastered’ not only displays mindboggling musicianship it also takes ceilidh music places others may fear to tread.

The amalgam of tune sets charges into the opener ‘Rescattermastered’, through the sparkling ‘Iain Lamont’s’ with accordion, whistle and Highland pipes much in evidence, before the blistering pace of ‘On The Tear!’ and the ‘Highland Schottische’ lay down an invitation to ‘execute a step’ that is hard to resist. There are also songs both in English - fine renditions of ‘John Henry’, the potent drum-led ‘South Australia’ and ‘Homes Of Donegal’- and in Gaelic with ‘Eilean Uibhist mo Rùin’ and the delightful voice of Kathleen MacInnes delivering ‘Mharaiche nan Cuantan’. And to finish the album there’s a full-blown rock out with Malcom Jones’ ‘Close to Home’ with the man himself on electric guitar.

Trail West are Alain Campbell (guitar, whistles, vocals) Andrew Findlater (drums, percussion, vocals) Ian Smith (piano accordion, midi-bass, vocals) and Seonaidh MacIntyre (whistles, Great Highland bagpipes, tromb, guitar, vocals) with special guests on the album, Kathleen MacInnes and Malcolm Jones.


Review: David Pierce-Arland

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