‘Little Girl’ from Sera - through an eclectic presentation of expression

(August 17, 2016)

Another album that refuses to fit into a convenient box. ‘Little Girl’ from Sera moves effortlessly through country-folk to folk-pop. Its twelve tracks (and one bonus) embrace memorable hooks and elegant instrumentation, from gently arranged Little Girl from Serasuggestions to powerful percussive rock-tinged production. The result wanders through an eclectic presentation of expression with distinct Americana touches across ballad narratives, personal disclosures and perceptive observations.

Sera’s voice ranges wide and free across this album, moving through waves of elation to pools of sadness. There’s a feeling of ‘sharing’, there are intimate moments with the artist, involving and pulling you into ‘Little Girl’. Add to this Eddie Al-Shakarchi’s artistry with electric guitar, drums and synths to punch the messages home and it’s evident that ‘Little Girl’ is a work of considerable scope. Fantasy and darkness with ‘Through The Wild’ as itcourses over piano, electric guitar and drums, softly ‘Little Girl’ exposes acceptance and final understanding (and it’s hard-to-hear message) before the simple delights of ‘Carry Me’, sorrow and hope of ‘Waterside’ and undying hope of ‘Optimist’ take you deep inside this album.


Review: Charlie Elland

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