‘Fairweather’ by Roger Roger - sweet-as-honey harmonies and perfectly matched voices

(August 21, 2016)

Folk roots duo Roger Roger takes me away from today to somewhere deep in my folk and folk rock past, where I first found music and began writing about it. These guys hail from Winnipeg, Canada, which although somewhat distant from my roots and separated by more Fairweather album coveryears than I care to admit, produce music that touches universal deep-growing folk roots. The duo are twins Lucas and Madeleine Roger, who together bring the heritage of the singer-songwriter tradition right up to date with self-penned songs that could belong to today or to the past.

This is a short album, only nine tracks but each one is a gem, for me, the stand out tracks are ’13 Crows’, ‘Think of Me’, ‘Another Girl’s Shoes’ and ‘You Came Around’. The combination of acoustic and electric guitars, sweet-as-honey harmonies and perfectly matched voices, augmented by a selection of fine musicians makes their debut album, ‘Fairweather’ something rather beautiful.

Aside from pulling at memories strings ‘Fairweather’ has every chance to become the background track to experience for many, with both its presence and longevity. I expect that someone like me writing in years to come, will find the same elemental attraction and the same pull of memory. Could these songs become the soundtrack of your recollections? Listen to the intensely memorable hooks, faultless harmonising and lingering melodies and you could well find out.

Playing along with Lucas and Madeleine on ‘Fairweather’ are Julian Bradford (bass) Damon Mitchell (drums) Scott Senior (percussion) Alex Campbell (organ) and Lloyd Peterson (percussion, organ).


Review: Tom Franks

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