‘Borrowed Time’ by Birte Pualsen - places the human condition under close scrutiny

(August 21, 2016)

Originally from Northern Germany, now based in Brighton, Birte Pualsen has released her debut album ‘Borrowed Time’ – with its introspective edge, it’s an absorbing, sometimes dark, mostly melancholic meander. Birte possesses a distinctive, drifting and Birte Paulsen album coversomewhat other-worldly voice which fits perfectly with the intricate musical web that surrounds these songs. The revelations of ‘Fool’ have an aching sadness coupled with an ultimate understanding, ‘Rabbit Hole’ charts the need to leave problems behind and vanish; familiar ground to many I feel, while ‘Used To Be Friends’ frankly lays out its understanding of change – all inward looking.

‘Borrowed Time’ features Birte Paulsen (vocals, guitar) Alfie Weedon (double bass, ukulele, backing vocals, percussion) Mishkin Fitzgerald (piano, accordion) and Ben Weedon (violin), a combination of instrumentation and talent that gives much to the songs. Soak up the depths of ‘Borrowed Time’ to find yourself experiencing a strange attraction to its despondency. For those so inclined, it’s like finding solace within the catharsis of a ‘good cry’ or relishing in the examination of sorrow. That doesn’t mean this is a depressing album, far from it. It simply places one aspect of the human condition under close scrutiny.


Review: Charlie Elland

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