Bottle Bank Band - an album that promises much and delivers exactly as expected

(August 27, 2016)

There’s a way to invest £12 that will pay you back in dividends ... no, I haven’t decided to forego my journalistic profession and become a financial adviser, I’ve listened to Bottle Bank Band. Their eponymous debut album will cost you that princely sum and it’s Bottle Bank Band album covergoing to become one of the best investments you’ll make this year. Now, it’s arguable that an album comprised entirely of tunes delivered by four fiddles could fall into the ‘same as’ category. Nope, not in this instance, the Bottle Bank Band come at their art from their own distinct direction and along the way deliver an album that could never be referred to as ‘same as’ more accurately it’s different, stands out from the crowd ... and with their fair share of luck and recognition, establish them as a must-listen-to band.

Tyneside fiddlers, Sophy Ball, Chloe Jones, David Jones and Stewart Hardy make up Bottle Bank Band and deliver a repertoire firmly rooted in but by no means exclusive to the North East of England ... known for a heritage steeped in fine fiddle playing. With a selection spanning classic fiddle tunes, Stewart Hardy originals and obscure tunes dredged from history and tradition, Bottle bank have an album that reflects the scope of their talents. From harmonically rich and frenzied energy through deeply mournful and inspired creativity, Bottle Bank Band take you through a sparkling selection of tune sets ... ‘Blaydon Reels’, ‘Waking Moment’, ‘Temptation Rag’, ‘Bottle Bank, ‘Fogabella’ ’... take your pick, wherever you start and stop, this is an album that promises much and delivers exactly as expected.

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Review: Tim Carroll

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