‘Wolves A-Howlin’’ from Kieran Towers and Charlotte Carrivick - a perfect pairing of virtuosity and skill

(September 07, 2016)

There’s something incomparably infectious about old time fiddle tunes, that’s one reason they endure. The other reason is those talented individuals that interpret those tunes in a variety of guises to ensure they remain fresh as this morning’s Wolves a Howlin album coverdew. One such pairing are Kieran Towers and Charlotte Carrivick with their first collaboration ‘Wolves A-Howlin’’. Coming together from pedigrees involving the bluegrass, old-time and folk music drive of The Hot Rock Pilgrims and The Carrivick Sisters this duo form a perfect pairing of virtuosity and skill to deliver an album of Appalachian tunes.

The foot-tapping begins with ‘Best Timber’ runs through ‘booth’ and ‘Polly Put the Kettle On’ and immediately you know you’re in the presence of musicians totally in command of their art. From fiddle and banjo duels through intricate mandolin picking to ‘tight as you like’ duets there’s nothing but sumptuous enjoyment in ‘Wolves A-Howlin’’. Among the traditionalsTowers adds some originals to the mix with razor sharp fiddle across bizarrely titled tracks such as ‘I Thought You Were a Goat #3’ and ‘I Wash Myself with a Rag on a Stick’, while co-writing they deliver the distinctive ‘New Carpet’ before they slow things down with ‘Sally Coming Through the Rye’ and then close out with a singular rendition of the Stripling BrothersWolves A-Howlin’.


Review: Tom Franks

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