‘The Doll’s House’ by Holly Johnston - leaves an audience begging for more

(September 12, 2016)

One could never accuse Holly Johnston of flooding the market with her recordings - a debut album in 2001, a The Dolls Housefollow up in January 2014 with the album ‘East Anglian Girl’, which displayed her: “obvious gift for writing profoundly individual, emotional songs and delivering them through pure, passionate, expressive vocals”, and since then an undeserved hiatus (from a listener’s perspective) until September 2016, which sees the release of an EP called ‘The Doll’s House’ - and again outstanding talent, continually hidden, is revealed through only three songs.

This time there’s a noticeable change in the delivery, the profoundly sensitive, pure voice remains as does the distinctive songwriting but the production has become more enveloping and wider in its reach. There’s the delightful ‘The Doll’s House’, melody-rich and memorable ‘Emily’ with delectable piano and the expressive ‘Monalisa’ with perfectly placed flute. Holly Johnston is an artist that constantly leaves an audience begging for more - here we go again, let’s hope the wait isn’t too long.

Playing on ‘The Doll’s House’ EP are Holly Johnston (vocals, guitar, piano) Steve Mann (keyboard, bass, percussion) Hattie Bennett (cello) and Sarah Wilcox (flute). Website:

Review: Charlie Elland

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