‘Fine ‘n Rosy’ from Liz Mulholland - something you really should experience

(September 23, 2016)

With her wistful, almost fragile voice and a fine ear for a melody, Liza Mulholland pours raw emotion into the songs on her debut solo album, ‘Fine ‘n Rosy’, which ensures that from the moment this album opens with the utterly infectious hooks of ‘Took My Breath Away’ you’re held in its grasp. From there on every single song Liz Mulholland Fine n Rosypulls at your feelings, moves your heart and touches your soul, an experience leaving you bound up in her music.

The metaphor-rich and soul-searing title track ‘Fine n’ Rosy’ gives way to the incredibly gentle experience of ‘Cadal Sàmach’ before the reflective ballad ‘On The Road’ will come packed with meaning for anyone who ever wondered why. There’s a streak of penetrating personal scrutiny and courageous contemplation in this album, which is so perfectly constructed it becomes instantly accessible as Liza finds the way to reveal sentiments that touch us all. The tunes are a joyous delight as ‘Kiloran Jig Set’ and ‘The Potting Shed Stomp’ lay down a fine craic. And to find a softer yet more powerful message about the utter futility of war, you have to go no further than ‘How Many More Willie McBrides’.

‘Fine ‘n Rosy’ is not only something rather special, it’s something you really should experience.

Playing on ‘Fine n’ Rosy’ are Liza Mulholland (vocals and harmonies, accordion, piano, keyboard, tin whistle, autoharp, rub-board, triangle, glock, banjulele) Robin Abbot (double bass) Marc Clement (percussion, pedal steel) Roddy Macgregor (bagpipes) Rua Macmillan (fiddle) Dave martin (bodhran, drums, percussion) Alasdair Taylor (guitar, mandolin) with Gwen and Fiona Bowie, Rob Mulholland, Katerine and Deirdre MacFarlane (harmony vocals).

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Review: Tim Carroll

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