‘Sorrows and Glories’ from Red Moon Road - originality with flair

(October 10, 2016)

There’s a new album from Red Moon Road called ‘Sorrows and Glories’ and I must confess that Red Moon Road album coveruntil now the band has been missing from my radar, so what you’re getting with this review is a real-world first impression. And it’s undeniably positive – traditional folk with a genre-mix that ranges through country, pop and pure Canadiana, interpreted through originality with flair, sultry soulful vocals over inspired musical textures.

All three members, either individually or collectively, contribute to the composing, which delivers a selection of stories that both look back through involving narratives or stand testament to their world-views with contemporary tales. The mix of harmonies and instrumentation belies the fact that only three artist bring Red Moon Road to life. The stand out tracks on ‘Sorrows and Glories’ include ‘Beauty in the Broken Bones’, Old Things’, ‘Words of the Walls’, ‘Breathing Slow’ and ‘Seasons’.


Review: Tom Franks

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