‘Slide to the Side’ from MoltenAmba - more than a musical fusion

(October 11, 2016)

Different is becoming increasingly prevalent in folk music. “About time too”, I hear many people cry, and I know one of those is Tim Carroll, the founder of this site. The latest rush of ‘different’ to come blasting past my ears is ‘Slide to the Side’ from MoltenAmba. The band leads a miasma of fiddle, pipes and saxophone into a style-blending web woven by striking guitar, keyboards, accordion and virulent percussion. The result, which also includes some startling vocals, takes you on a sometimes strange, often unexpected yet ultimately intriguing ride through rhythms and melodies that on the face of it push together styles and influences that might not ‘work’ but ultimately do in perfect harmony.SlideToTheSide

This is more than a musical fusion, more than an original mix of folk, jazz and rock, more than east blurred into West, it’s an inspired experiment that has found a magical transmutation – listen to sparkling tunes like ‘Bouzy Bourée’ and ‘NB:PS’ or perhaps luxuriate in the embrace of ‘Scattering the Ashes’ and ‘Four Over Five’  - you’ll instantly understand how MoltenAmba turn instruments into mechanisms for finding musical enlightenment. Take in the aural seduction of songs like ‘Slide to the Side’ and ‘Quand On Danse’ and again the synthesis created exercises its subtle attraction.

MoltenAmba are Anna Tabbush (fiddle, vocals) Bruce Knapp (guitar, slide guitar, mandolin) Chris Walshaw (pipes, whistles, saxophone) Geoff Nicholls (percussion) Richard Jones (keyboards, accordion, bouzouki) with on selected tracks Trevor Lines (bass) Dudley Phillips (bass) and Martyn Baker (percussion).


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