‘Circling The Square’ from Mitchell and Vincent - a clear and obvious enticement to listen

(October 11, 2016)

I’ve often heard the expression ‘folk duos are two a penny’, in some cases that might hold water but when it comes down to it there are certain duos that are worth considerably more. One of which is Mitchell and Vincent. If hearing a pair of accomplished musicians delivering traditional folk music Mitchell and Vincentgathered from across the British Isles is your delight, then I would include their album ‘Circling The Square’ on your ‘must listen to this’ list.

Combining classical guitar, fiddle and voice they deliver songs and tunes that ‘do what it says on the cover.’ What do I mean by that remark? They call the album ‘Circling The Square’ in homage to the ancient geometric problem of trying to make a square out of a circle, turning that on its head they reflect the metaphor of achieving the impossible into the task facing independent musicians. And were I a mathematician and not a journalist, I would suggest that for Mitchell and Vincent the square has been circled because they achieved much with ‘Circling The Square’. From a softly delivered songs like ‘High Germany’, ‘Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy’ and ‘Pleasant and Delightful’ through expressive tune sets such as ‘Maggie’s Pancakes/ The Musical Priest/ Tam Lyn’ and ‘Morgan Rattler/ Lads of Alnwick’ there’s a clear and obvious enticement to listen to their music.


Review: Charlie Elland

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