‘Linen’ from Carol Fieldhouse - an overwhelming sense of intimacy

(October 19, 2016)

The capacity for an album to embrace the listener enough to prompt a feeling of that much-maligned yet usually apposite, American-engendered phrase, ‘warm fuzzy’ is unusual, in fact it’s rare. To achieve such status demands lyrics that involve, music that entices and an overwhelming sense of Linen Carol Fieldhouseintimacy coupled with a desire for the listener to belong within its encirclement. Without doubt, the album ‘Linen’ from Carol Fieldhouse meets the necessary criteria and equally without reservation, delivers its listeners that intangible ‘warm fuzzy’.

‘Linen’ reveals tales, explores memory and observations through a soft texture of gently discovered songs. Soothing, pleasing and tranquil, even if at times a certain sameness expresses itself, this is an album to play and enjoy. Opening with ‘A Little Piece of Land’ through to the examinations of love within ‘Like Oxygen’ and ‘Love’s On Holiday’ to the spritely ‘Billy Marshall’ and observational ‘Leaving’ there’s repeated revelation and disclosure, which takes you into the artists world.


Review: Charlie Elland

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