‘Vortex’ from Methera - spiralling, patterned waves of music

(November 10, 2016)

English traditional music clearly lies in numerous safe hands as musicians of skill and innovation continue to ensure it thrives while at the same time taking it to different and enchanting places. Some of those hands belong to Lucy Deakin (cello), John Dipper and Emma Reid Mthera Vortex(fiddles) and Miranda Rutter (viola), together they form Methera and deliver a unique combination of traditional tunes and self-penned originals. The difference is that Methera is a string quartet, a combination more expected to be playing music in the classical rather than traditional genre and yet everything they play from newly composed to enduring tradition seems to fit perfectly into their musical repertoire.

Their latest offering ‘Vortex’ is an album that brings together the artists’ respect for the roots of tradition while allowing them to range widely over fields of invention and experimentation. Taking influence from England, Sweden, Shetland and Ireland as well as their own experiences the scope of ‘Vortex’ lives up to its name with spiralling, patterned waves of music. The result is chamber-folk at its best and a treat for the ears. From the opening simplicity of  ‘Lily’ to the extravagance of ‘Vortex’ through the spritely ‘Fox & Blackbird’ and the stately ‘Hagsätra brudmarsch’ to the hypnotic ‘Late Longings’ this is an experience you will desire to repeat again and again.


Review: Charlie Elland

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