‘Hidden Gems’ from Captain of The Lost Waves - too much remained too deeply hidden

(November 10, 2016)

I tried hard with this album. I waited for the hook of ‘Hidden Gems’ from Captain of The Lost Waves to catch but despite hearing some gems hidden in its depths, ultimately the’ grab’ was sporadic and sometimes just didn’t Captain of the Lost Waves 001happen. There’s definitely something attractive going on within its expansive yet at times confusing lyrics and soaring, bleak vocals. There's also some bizarreness coming through ‘Hidden Gems’ but for me too much remained too deeply hidden. At times, stretching the boundaries of attention while awash with strangely-placed samples, to my ears the edge of the good was blunted by the inclusion of the irrelevant.

Opening with ‘Grand National’ part of the attraction is evident, then samples get in the way, from there comes the meandering lyrics of ‘Another Planet’, the obscurity of ‘Danger Danger’ and the hard to absorb ‘Fat Freddy’s Fingers’. ‘This is a Song’ caught my attention again, as did ‘Don’t Miss What’s Right In Front Of You’ but as they too wandered into that habitual vagueness they lost me once again.

There’s just too much self-indulgence on this album to reach too many people. Undoubtedly, ‘Hidden Gems’ will reach an audience but perhaps like the music from another ‘Captain’ long ago, those that ‘understand’ will remain a select group.


Review: Charlie Elland

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