‘Picking Up The Pieces’ - The Changing Room - an individual style that is instantly attractive

(November 11, 2016)

There are parts of these islands that have a distinctive enchantment all their own ... culture, tradition, language, legend ... many of these places have long held a uniqueness that time does nothing to diminish. Without doubt, the rocky land of Cornwall holds more magic and mystery than most, there is something The Changing Room coveridiosyncratic that sets it apart. Much the same could be said about ‘Picking Up The Pieces’ from The Changing Room, aka Sam Kelly and Tanya Brittain ... an album characterised by a selection of self-penned, covered and traditional songs delivered in an individual style that is instantly attractive.

Without doubt ‘Picking Up The Pieces’ offers a fine collection of tradition-inspired tunes that range from exploring Cornwall’s mining and maritime heritage to revealing the experiences of its people and places, through both the English and Cornish languages. There’s the despairing ‘Caradon Hill’, the story of the privateer ‘The Grayhound’ and the hard life portrayed in ‘The Cinder Track’, from there it moves to the cautionary tales of ‘Zephaniah Job’, the touching ‘Bal Maiden’s Waltz’ and the deeply affecting ‘We Will Remember Them’.

‘Picking Up The Pieces’ reflects its creators a deep understanding of legacy, accomplished composing skill and clear musical empathy. Tanya Brittain composes songs that touch the heart and Sam Kelly holds one of folk’s finest voices, together they deliver music of originality and presence.


Review: Tim Carroll

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