‘Fetch’ from Ewan MacPherson - a blend of influence, culture and outstanding musicianship

(November 17, 2016)

This is a long expected album. A master sharing his personal musical heritage. A fine selection of original tunes created through encounters and incidents, forged by a blend of influence and culture, and delivered with outstanding musicianship. In MacPherson’s own words, ‘Fetch’ takes its inspiration: “From the Celtic and Anglo Nations across to Ewan MacPherson Fetch! Album CoverScandinavia, my musical travels have led me to write this collection of tunes reflecting those experiences.”

The music is absorbing and enthralling, each successive tune and set catches the ear and waiting for more. Fast or slow, each comes with a definite sparkle, coupled with a rich diversity of instrumentation. The tunes come with their own expression and intriguing titles - the vivacious ‘Brutus the Husky/ MacColl’s’, the groove of ‘The Cherry Tree Reel/ Dog’s Got an Itchy Nose’ to the softness of ‘As April is to Winter’ and if the delights of ‘Holding the Whippet/ The Torrents’ don’t reach you, check your pulse.

‘Fetch’ features musicians from England, Scotland and Norway, namely: Ewan MacPherson (mandolin, mandola, banjo, jaw harp, 6 /12 string guitars, harmonium) Aaron Jones (bouzouki, cittern) Alasdair White (fiddle) Ben Farmer (melodeon, accordion) Callum Convoy (bodhran) Chris Wright (cittern, octave mandolin) Fin Moore (border pipes, small pipes) Hannah Read (fiddle) Lauren MacColl (fiddle, viola) Magnus Lundmark (percussion) Sarah Hoy (fiddle) and Sigrid Moldestad (Hardanger fiddle).

‘Fetch’ launches on 27 November, and as an added bonus, the album cover provides a couple of dictionary definitions of the word ‘fetch’ along with a photograph of a dog caught mid-leap into water.


Review: Charlie Elland

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