‘Fly’ by Danielle Lewis - a lightness of touch that verges on fragility

(November 20, 2016)

The overriding impression left by this EP is the absolute purity of the vocals. Danielle Lewis not only has a fine ear for a melody to Danielle-Flycraft engrossing songs, she has the flawlessness of voice that makes her songs something rather special. It’s not often that you hear a voice with such clarity or with the ability to move effortlessly across its vocal range. ‘Fly’, released on Folkstock Records, has a lightness of touch that verges on fragility, that’s not to say the result is flimsy or feeble, far from it, ‘Fly’ exhibits a delicate grace that brings to mind the translucent feel of fine bone china.

The mix moves through the soft folk rock feel of the multi-layered ‘West Coast Sun’ (Wales not California but the influence is there) into the quiet reflection of ‘Along This Time’ and simple expression of ‘Fly’, before heading towards a pop-folk edge with the upbeat ‘Belong’ and the buoyant ‘Anywhere is Home’ before the classical influence and Welsh language of ‘Hiraeth’ closes.

Joining Danielle Lewis to perform ‘Fly’ are Richard Llewellyn, Gethin John, Emma McGrath and Lauren Deakin Davies. Website:

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