‘The Miller Girl’ from Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy - powerful songwriting and musicianship

(November 26, 2016)

Speaking as a long-time lover of all things that fall into that catch-all net of Americana, blues to country, bluegrass to folk, I’ve long thought there are too many jealously guarded dividing lines across the genre that in Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy The Miller Girlreality, don’t exist. ‘The Miller Girl’ from Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy graphically reinforces my view, mixing as it does influences from all points of Americana and delivering along the way a perfectly crafted album of American music.

Anyone that loves Americana in all its diversities, despite where they may perceive divisions to fall, they’re going to love 'The Miller Girl'.

From the bluegrass vibe of ‘Little Shore’ and acerbic humour in ‘Long List of Goodbyes’, through the folk essence of ‘Into The Ether’ and ‘The Miller Girl’ and the mournful rock-touched narratives of ‘Master Your Mind’ to ‘Better Day’ there’s powerful songwriting and equally powerful musicianship at work throughout ‘The Miller Girl’.


Review: Tom Franks

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