‘Yours for Eternity’ Steve Dagleish - tales that reach the listener

(December 03, 2016)

The essential ‘man with guitar’ album will never go out of style, it’s just that some do it so much better than others. To hear how it should be done listen to ‘Yours for Eternity’ from Steve Dagleish. As a solo artist Dagleish comes equipped with all the right components ... clearly the man knows his way around his chosen eternity-coverinstrument, writes memorable tunes, delivers touching lyrics and possess a rich, moving voice.

The real edge to this album is the closeness of the songs on ‘Yours for Eternity’. They tell tales that reach the listener, because they come from a place that it’s easy to identify with, which makes them personal to anyone.

The sharing of feelings and observations is intensely personal and needs that ‘human touch’ to bring the messages close without the listener needing to work hard at finding the artist’s point of reference. No such problems here ... from the penetratingly poignant ‘Hello Son’ through the absorbing historical narratives within ‘Governor of Sombrero’ and ‘Emily Stands Strong’ to the reflective empathy of ‘Last Act at Bar 62’ and ‘Waiting for the One’, there’s tangible intimacy between listener and performer.

Perfectly presenting less is more, ‘Yours for Eternity’ will lead you into Dagleish’s musical world and when you get there you’ll like what you hear.


Review: Tim Carroll

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