‘The Right Path’ - students of the National Centre of Excellence in Traditional Music

(January 06, 2017)

The heritage of any traditional music lives and breathes through respect for its origins, its continuance also requires a certain amount of fearlessness and a burning desire to move forward. The Right PathCouple those elements together and traditional music not only has a past, it has a healthy future. ‘The Right Path’ featuring the varied and involving work of students of the National Centre of Excellence in Traditional Music. Comprised of two CDs the album reflects the developing work produced by the students ... ‘Pre-Christmas’ shows the more formative side while ‘Post-Christmas’ demonstrates their development with ‘final flourishes’.

The material on this annual CD is selected from live performance arrangements produced during year. The quality of the musicianship and the variety of the music shows the strength and depth of Scottish traditional music ... forged on strong foundations yet prepared to innovate. It also shows the outstanding capabilities of these students.

Now in its tenth year of operation, Sgoil Chiùil na Gàidhealtachd, the National Centre of Excellence in Traditional Music, offers talented young traditional musicians a place to develop their skills ... playing and singing, live and studio, composing and arranging, the history and context of traditional music, stagecraft, music technology and a host of diverse skills.

The objective is to help young musicians to find ‘the right path’ and if this album is anything to go by the goal is being met.


Review: Tim Carroll

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