‘Objects’ from The Nightjar - requires attention and demands focus

(January 08, 2017)

There’s an otherworldly strangeness to this music that makes it hard to grasp on first hearing. To come away with any feeling of understanding and acceptance requires attention and demands focus, all of which necessitates a Objects 001need to concentrate on this album. That in itself means that ‘Objects’ from The Nightjar may not be for everyone. The drifting, at times insubstantial musical framework, as the press release states create a “... fragile, haunting landscapes for their dream-like ethereal songs” also reflects a wraithlike quality that makes it hard to absorb. Just when you think you have a connection, its anaemic songs swirl off again into another ghostly turn. However, persevere and the rewards are there.

The overall impression is eerie, questing, delicate, which coupled to its frail melancholy leads the listener into dark places. Songs like ‘Cockleshell’, 'Hangman’ and ‘In The Sky Or In The Ground’ make a stronger connection but some listeners may not get that far, and that would be a shame. There’s certainly some merit but it may be too self-indulgent to make a mark. 

The Nightjar is Jez Anderson (electric guitar) Mo Kirby (vocals) Sarah Ricketts (bass. Vocals) and Pete Thomas (guitars, drums, vocals) with Malcolm Bray (drums – ‘All Objects Will Cease’)


Review: Charlie Elland

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