‘A Delicate Game’ Top Floor Taivers – a definite ‘one to watch'

(March 03, 2017)

A great song is always a great song ... although sometimes a new interpretation can offer less than expected, on occasion the result is spectacular. Top Floor Taivers have released their debut album ‘A Delicate Game’ and it’s a perfect mix of traditional and contemporary songs and tunes ... with interpretations that are truly remarkable.  And it’s their take on Richard Thompson’s ‘1952 Vincent BlackTop Floor Taivers Album Cover Lightning’ that falls into the ‘spectacular’ category ... more of that later.

Blending their heritage from Scotland, England and Ireland the four band members create their infinitely attractive music with considerable flair. Top Floor Taivers offer their own distinctive arrangements of the tradition with ‘Johnny o’Braidislee’ and ‘The False Bride’, explore classic folk with ‘Ramblin Rover’ by Andy M. Stewart, skate along a contemporary edge with Findlay Napier’s ‘Princess Rosanna’ and ‘Everybody Knows’ by Leonard Cohen ... and then there’s ‘1952 Vincent Black Lightning’ ... covered by more bands than you can shake a proverbial stick at, Top Floor Taivers make their emotion-soaked version something incredibly special. Top Floor Taivers also offer more than covers of other work, they also demonstrate their own composing talent with the narratives of 'Jeannie and the Spider' and the haunting '10 Little Men'.

The ability and bravery to tackle some iconic songs and interpret them in your own style is a reflection of the calibre of this band, as is the strength of their own compositions. The musicianship is flawless the blend of voices outstanding. ‘A Delicate Game’ is an excellent debut album and worthy of significant recognition, and should establish the band as a definite ‘one to watch’.

Top Floor Taivers are Claire Hastings (lead vocal, ukulele) Gráinne Brady (fiddle, vocals) Heather Downie (clarsach, vocals) and Tina Jordan Rees (piano, vocals).


Review: Tim Carroll

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