‘The Inbetween’ from Conor O’Sullivan - stories of sadness and experiences of life lived

(March 07, 2017)

This is an album that takes its time – nothing rushed, nothing hurried – crafted with care and patience. It’s also a piece of work that grows steadily, which means you need time to savour to appreciate. The feel of tradition runs through every note and each The Inbetween album covertale, taken together with a delivery that is very much the man’s own, from the languid opening instrumental, ‘Solitude’, through the hard narrative of ‘Crooked Jack’ and the expressive ‘By The Water’ to another instrumental the gentle almost ethereal ‘The Inbetween’ and the truths of ‘On The Road’.

O’Sullivan’s skilled and empathic touch on strings and wire is matched by a soft and meaningful voice that ranges between mournful and optimistic, sombre and sanguine as its owner tells stories of sadness and recounts the experiences of life lived.

Musicians playing on ‘The Inbetween’ are Conor O’Sullivan: Conor O’Sullivan (vocals, acoustic, electric guitars, bouzouki, mandolin, banjo) Martin Leahy (drums, percussion) Martin Brunsdaen (double bass) with on selected tracks Barry O’Shea (bowed bass) Nigel Grufferty (fiddle) Brendan Clancy (fiddle) Mick Daly (vocals) Isaac Andrews (flute).


Review: Charlie Elland

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