‘Home/ Lives’ by Harri Endersby – music that exists on many levels

(March 15, 2017)

Without doubt ‘Homes/Lives’ is a singular piece of work, distinct and original. It delivers softly articulated, sometimes faint mixes of ethereal psych folk, themes of bucolic originality with Homes-Lives album coverovertones of tranquil elements. Harri Endersby sets out personal realities and experiences, revealing through softly expounded narratives - tales that mix harsh and gentle with equal skill. And it doesn’t take long before the weave incorporates electro folk images that employ wider and deeper production.

Never going to be an easy album to classify ... and that’s integral to its attraction. ‘Homes/ Lives’ moves through a progression from acoustic sparseness to electronic complexity. The somewhat disquieting opener ‘Intro’ gives way to the honesty of ‘Laughter Lines’, from there delicate vocals drive ‘Bird &Whale’ as the electro-pulse steadily intensifies with the soundscapes of ‘Stars Fall Down’, the entreaty to listen through ‘Hear’ and the sorrow of ‘Stay Awhile’.

With ‘Homes/ Lives’ Harri Endersby has created an album both alluring and complex. Its music exists on many levels, some immediate ‘Homes/Lives’, others ‘Flesh & Bone’ taking time to come through. And the further you go the more you discover.

The musicians are: Harri Endersby (vocals, violin, guitar) Rich marsh (electric and acoustic guitar, bass guitar) and Curtis Wayne Pierce Jnr. (drums, percussion, synth).


Review: Charlie Elland

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