‘Souvenir’ by Drew Holcomb and The Neighbours - songs overflowing with meaning

(March 21, 2017)

No matter how you throw the dice, I will always reach out to the music of Drew Holcomb. He has the uncanny ability to write a personal song that touches everyone, too many times I’ve said: ‘The man could be writing the story of my experiences as well as his own’. And that’s as true today as it was 10 years ago as Drew Holcomb and The Neighbours lay down their new album ‘Souvenir’.Drew Holcomb Souvenir

The album is the same as you would expect, yet different, there are changes and nuances that take the music down some new but subtle paths. Still the songs about people and their lives, places and the experiences that go with them – the human touch that makes these songs touch that part of you where memories live.

There’s introduction of ‘The Morning Song’ and the highly memorable ‘California’, the barely veiled rage of ‘Fight For Love’, the honesty of ‘New Year’ looking at what changes and what remains the same and the recollections of ‘Postcard Memories’ – all songs overflowing with meaning.

The key for me lies in the combination of soulful vocals and the total ‘feel’ of the whole album and the favourite tracks – ‘Mama’s Sunshine, Daddy’s Rain’ and the feeling-soaked ‘Black and Blue’.


Review: Tom Franks

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