‘A Stranger In This Time’ - Tim Grimm And The Family Band - looking at life as it’s lived

(March 21, 2017)

Call yourself a ‘family band’ and the chances are there’s family involvement in the music. Tim Grimm And The Family Band have released ‘A Stranger In This Time’ and there’s more than a touch of family involved. There’s also a selection of story-telling songs that touch on love, A Stranger In This Time album coverpoetry that explores society, looking at life as it’s lived and simply considering reactions to ‘what’s going on’.

Americana to the roots, sometimes there’s a bluesy feel, sometimes folk takes over and then there’s that rocky edge – definitions don’t fit here, just recognition that you’re listening to music from the heart. From within ‘These Rollin’ Hills’ comes a sense of time and place, as does ‘Finding Home’ and ‘Hard Road’ with their reflective honesty, there’s the less then accepting commentaries of ‘Gonna Be Great’ and ‘Black Snake’ and when you hear ‘Thirteen Years’ you know you’re listening to something undoubtedly special

The musicianship takes hold with its deep rooted foundations, the lyrics beguile and engage. The family-feel is right there – Tim Grimm (vocals, guitar) with gruff but emotive voice that carries all before it, aided by wife Jan Lucas Grimm (vocals, harmonica) with sons Connor Grimm (bass) and Jackson Grimm (acoustic and electric guitars, banjo, octave mandolin and vocals).

‘A Stranger In This Time’ says so much and you’ll want to hear it all.


Review: Tom Franks

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