‘Further Down The Line’ by Scott Cook - songs can change your life, your life can change the world

(March 23, 2017)

When lyrics create stories that hit home, when voice conveys human warmth, when themes and expressions make an indelible mark, and when they come together that’s ‘Further Down The Road’ from Scott Cook. Reflecting the human condition through a tapestry of songs involving folk, Further Down The Line album coverlblues and country, and that reflection sits in a mirror showing both good and bad.

The opening track ‘Further Down the Line’ holds a position that every song aims for – it means something, whether you’ve walked those roads or not, the message is close enough to touch. It’s followed by the understanding of ‘Dogs and Kids’, then a lovingly delivered re-work of a Heather Styka’s ‘Careful With My Heart’ a piercing look at Jesus revisiting the world ‘If He Showed Up Now’, while ‘Walk That Lonesome Valley’ is both powerful and accurate. Cook also entertains a feminist singalong with real-world observation of ‘Fellas Get Out The Way’, closing with the emotional elegance of ‘Learning To Let Go’

Further Down The Line’ comes packaged in a 132-page softcover book of observations and photographs with Cook’s views of places and people, experiences and incidents, longing and finding, love and loss. Cook believes: “... songs can change your life, and your life can change the world.” And that pretty much sums up this album, if it doesn’t reach you, check your soul, something might be missing.  


Review: Tom Franks

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