'Soundtracks Volume One' - Peter Conway “... reaches the listener both aurally and visually”

(March 23, 2017)

That voice, so distinctive. Words dragged from the soul. The presence powerful, the manifestation of feeling gut-wrenching ... visceral, undiluted and atavistic. It has been a while, but 'Soundtracks Volume One', the latest album from Peter Conway, retains the intensity of feeling that makes it as irresistible as its stunning predecessor ‘Stay’. PETER CONWAY SOUNDTRACKS VOLUME ONE

An artist always prepared to walk his own path, to take an independent stand with his music, relying on its strength to carry him through, Conway writes words that build into illustrations ... with every song there’s a marked visual impression running behind the music and voice. The lyrics draw indelible pictures that reach the listener both aurally and visually. Look at the man’s musical filmography and you’ll see how many film makers and music supervisors feel the same way ... eleven of Conway’s songs feature in original motion pictures.

Obvious from the first, the distinctive Conway style is there in spades ... with ‘If I Call’, immediately you’re pulled into its grip, the hold continues through ‘Found My Faith In You’, before the highly emotive, all embracing soundscape of ‘Pleasure Island’, written for the film of the same name, makes its presence felt in no uncertain terms. ‘Breakthrough’ arrives with a pulsating guitar and percussive drive, with Conway’s voice evoking echoes of sultry Southern nights, smoky bars, empty bottles and glass-ringed tables. A deep-seated refusal to accept anything less pours through songs like ‘Chains’ and ‘I Am Not A Yes Man’, which accurately sums up the man himself.

Conway is a rare talent ... guitar work that ranges from softly involving to all dominating, a voice that flows from warmly entreating to brutally accusative, and lyrics that arrive with the bite of an angry beast. When you listen to 'Soundtracks Volume One' you’ll understand when I say it’s commanding, all-encompassing, muscle personified.

'Soundtracks Volume One' official release date is 20th April, 


Review: Tim Carroll

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