‘ANTIDOTE’ by Amy Duncan - listening to musically personal moments

(March 30, 2017)

The overall impression of ‘ANTIDOTE’ is of privilege, of being permitted to come closer to an artist than many are inclined to allow. Amy Duncan’s new album, due for release 7 April, Antidote album coveroffers a sense of connection and immediacy. Despite the inclusion of field recordings and the presence of other musicians, with ‘ANTIDOTE’ you’re listening to an artist at musically personal moments. Although the songs arrive with other-worldly feeling, remaining both haunting and evocative, their lingering melodies and real-world sound references combine to explore the scope of life experience.

In Amy’s words: “I recorded most of the album at home with no one else around...” Which may give you some idea of the feeling of intimacy and closeness engendered by both its melancholy edge and a view of hope. Listening to ‘Steady The Bow’ and ‘The Journey’ is an experience to savour, the same is true through ‘Golden Fox’ and ‘Clearing’ and although not presented as a concept album as such, the progression through the album definitely takes you through an ongoing narrative. Songs like ‘Lost Balloon’ and ‘Pieces of Me’ give so much of themselves to the listener it’s hard to do anything but slip into this album and let its messages take over.

And yes, it's not too strong to say that this is definitely an antidote for whatever may vex your soul.

‘ANTIDOTE’ features Amy Duncan (vocals, keyboard, guitars, filed recordings, double bass) Lawrie Macmillan (bass guitar) Fiona Rutherford (harp) Sue Mckenzie (saxophone) and Liam Bradley (drums).  


Review: Tim Carroll

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