‘All Grown Up’ from Tinderbox “... a five star album, no question.”

(April 03, 2017)

Growing old isn’t optional it’s a fact of life, growing up is a decision ... nothing more. Eventually, a time comes when the former makes its presence felt, like it or not. Then again, that still leaves time to make a choice about the latter ... some make it wisely, others live with regret, for a few find the decision is made for them. ‘All Grown Up’, the latest album from Tinderbox explores both growing All-Grown-Up-Coverold and growing up, the impact of both and how they touch both young and old ... and the result is perfect, simply perfect. This is a five-star album, no question.

The foundations that underpin Tinderbox encompass all the constituents needed to create something exceptional ... Monique Houraghan’s startling, clear and devastatingly emotive voice, the musical interplay between guitarist and songwriter Dan Tucker and multi-instrumentalist Bob Burke, and their intuitive interaction as a trio. This time around they’ve widened and expanded the Tinderbox sound by adding extra instruments to the line-up ... lead guitar breaks, violin and whistle accents ... adding spellbinding depth to the whole.

Listening to this album is an unreserved pleasure ... the contemplative memories of ‘Easy and Carefree’, time-worn guidance everyone recognises in ‘Life Is For The Living’, the importance of the ordinary sealed within ‘Down The Track’ and with its melody to die for, the singularly beautiful ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’. There’s the purity of unconditional love in ‘Leave Your Light On’, the potent brilliance of ‘All Grown Up’ revealing the deep understanding of what it means to be a parent and the vivid child-imagination of ‘Sparkledust’.Even the insert, with its collection of faces displaying youthful innocence, expectation and promise contributes to the undeniable magnetism of  ‘All Grown Up’.

Tinderbox are Monique Houraghan (vocals) Dan Tucker (guitar) and Bob Burke (guitar, piano) and playing with them on ‘All Grown Up’ are Dave Eales (drums) Darren Shaw (percussion) Lucy Kavanagh (bass) Frank Boyle (lead guitar) Catherine Burke (whistles) Annie Bayliss (violin, viola) with backing vocals provided by Monique, Bob, Annie and Gareth Lee.


Review: Tim Carroll

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