‘Love > Fear’ (48 hours in traitorland)’ by Nathan Bell – rough, raw and intensely real

(April 03, 2017)

There’s a reliability to a new album from Nathan Bell  - it will always cut deep and hard, and ‘Love > Fear’ (48 hours in traitorland)’ delivers as expected. The man writes songs designed tolove-fear-front-cover make their mark and he never fails - whether the subjects are political or social, violent or fearful, emotional or personal, searching or longing - the result is the same, carefully crafted stories you have to hear. There are no holds barred and no prisoners taken with the hard punching narratives on ‘Love > Fear’ (48 hours in traitorland)’.

Simply blending acoustic guitar, harmonica and voice Bell delivers commentary and observation that are both critical and piercing. The voice grabs the attention, the messages remain – the sharp reflection of ‘The Big Old American Dream’, the powerful ‘Raise Your Fist’ or the resignation of ‘The Long Way Down’ are prime examples. The essence of these songs is a songwriter and poet ‘getting to the heart of the matter’ however tough it may be to hear what they have to say - there’s the accusative question ‘What Did You Do Today’, the directness of ‘Traitorland (rules for living in)’ while the pure understanding and stark reality of ‘MIA (Bill in ’75) is one of those songs that get to you from the first.

‘Love > Fear’ (48 hours in traitorland)’ is rough, raw and real – and it’s going to be massive.


Review: Tom Franks

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