‘Roses in the Snow & Drought’ Joanne Rand – moments of time caught in little capsules

(April 06, 2017)

Another outing for Joanne Rand’s idiosyncratic brand of Americana folk-rock - following hard on the heels of ‘Southern Girl’ comes ‘Roses in the Snow & Drought’. As ever, there’s that personal Roses in the Snow and Drought 001involvement that comes with Rand’s songs, perhaps you’ve felt a similar emotion, possibly been in the same place, whatever the case, her songs pull you in and you cannot help but identify with what you’re hearing and attach some significance to your own experiences – well that’s how it works with me.

Again, her songs lead you through her view of life as she sees it – moments of time caught in little capsules to preserve places and people, moving and outings, finding and losing – each world-view incident and occasion laid out for your ears.

There’s a tangible scrutiny factor to the songs on ‘Roses in the Snow & Drought’ – ‘Little People’s War’ asks important questions of us all, the title track ‘Roses in the Snow & Drought’ looks closely at childhood dreams and wonderings, the endearing mesage of ‘Humboldt To The Bone’ perfectly reflects a home-town feel, while the strong narrative of ‘Johnny Cash Came Back’ is exactly what’s needed, and having heard a thousand versions of ‘A Parting Glass’ this take gives the song a formidable real-world edge. 

Playing on ‘Roses in the Snow & Drought’ are Joanne Rand (acoustic, vocals, clarinet, bass) Piet Dalmolen (electric guitar, bass) Rob Diggins (violin) Tim Randles (keyboard) and Johnathan Kipp (drums).


Review: Tom Franks

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