‘Stripped Down Gussied Up’ from Pierce Edens - certainly a statement of intent

(April 07, 2017)

I’ve been hearing songs like these all my life. Mostly, in my head I’ll admit. Sometimes in the heart of a storm or lost in mountain darkness. However, I’m no musician so it’s the essence I hear not the songs. Finally, an album brings what I heard to life, because when I encountered this howling darkness, its rage Pierce Edensand anger, its yearning and haunting, its hungry, raw vocals and cutting guitar, I was there – in an instant.

‘Stripped Down Gussied Up’ from Pierce Edens is certainly a statement and it’s a statement of intent. Nobody is going got listen to this in a casual off-hand way, this is going to absorb you – with a voice that cuts through the crap, Edens says it how it is, his lyrics come with bite and presence. That means the album demands and seizes your attention. ‘Sirens’ opens and takes you straight to the place where Edens finds his inspiration and delivers the results, ‘Here’ does the same. The ‘drive’ gives way to the longing of ‘Daffodils’ with its mournful acceptance as does ‘The Bells of Marshall’, before with its accusations ‘The Bonfire’ piles in, and everything lets rip with ‘I Can’t Sleep’.

Stripped down for sure, gutsy certainly, dark, visceral – ‘Stripped Down Gussied Up’ is all that. This is a damn fine album!

‘Stripped Down Gussied Up’ features Pierce Edens (vocals, guitar, percussion) Kevin Reese (guitar, mandolin, banjo, vocals, percussion) and Matthew Neilson (percussion, vocals, piano).


Review: Tom Franks

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