‘Moment In Time’ from Two Coats Colder – their best work to date

(April 08, 2017)

When you hear a new album from artists that you‘ve known for a while and you’re hearing the fulfilment of promise ... that moment comes when the potential that was always there breaks free. For those that know Two Coats Colder, you’ll find their new album ‘Moment In Time’ their best work to date, for those that don’t, simply relish what you hear. The familiar Two Coats Colder style of folk remains in evidence. This time Moment in Time Two Coats Colderthere’s more emphasis on their melody-rich, intricately-crafted tunes and their combined vocal strength, some carefully selected covers given an added edge and all benefitting from a fuller production.

It’s not every band that can blend their own compositions with instantly recognisable covers and deliver a fine result ... that happens here with their interpretations of compositions by Joan Baez, Mick Jagger and Stan Rogers sitting perfectly alongside the band’s original material. The tales told cover many elements of human condition ... love and loss, politics and power, oppression, regret, endurance, and hope.

From the outset, Two Coats Colder give ‘Diamonds and Rust’ by Joan Baez their own translation, before the gentle affection of the title track ‘Moment in Time’ follows, from there Jagger’s classic ‘As Tears Go By’ is given added poignancy with perfectly clear vocals from Anna Bass, a voice that also adds depth to Stan Rogers’ narrative of ‘Mary Ellen Carter’. ‘Iron Horses’ lays out the perils of working on the railways, while their songs ‘World with an ‘Open Door’, ‘Free Flight’ and ‘First Nations’ prove they can create powerful narratives with moving lyrics.


Review: Tim Carroll

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