‘The Snows They Melt The Soonest’ Karin Grandal-Park and Karl Robbins - penetratingly poignant narratives

(April 24, 2017)

This is an album that quietly creeps up on you, and then steadily, you become increasingly absorbed by its penetratingly poignant narratives. And as is the way with all good story-songs, outstanding singers do more than deliver the words, they live them and in doing so The snows they melt the soonest 001carry you along with them into depths of feeling. Listening to singer songwriter Karin Grandal-Park, one half of a duo with Karl Robbins, sing the songs on ‘The Snows They Melt The Soonest’ you experience the feelings ‘living’ within the songs.

Grandal-Park and Robbins set their music firmly in the folk tradition but innovate along the way, each song reaching out, each with an uncanny ability to express tangible emotion. Personal stories sit alongside wider reflections, and each strike home. There are ten original compositions with a couple of trads added for good measure and the appeal comes from originals like the harrowing ‘Anne Naysmith, the subjective ‘Dance of Life’, ‘The Stones of Callenish’, ‘Strong in the broken places’ and the searing truths of ‘My mother’s hands’.

‘The Snows They Melt The Soonest’ is a tender and gentle album that you will enjoy.


Review: Charlie Elland

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