‘The Outlandish Collection’ from Kadia - the English folk tradition in rude health

(April 26, 2017)

New EPs are often an introduction to a band or precursor to an album, this one however is a follow up to Kadia’s much lauded album, ‘East of Alexandria’ ... and it does exactly what all good EPs should do ... ‘The Outlandish Collection’ leaves you wanting more.Kadia album cover

Should you want to hear the English folk tradition in rude health and performed by a band that not only understands its art but delivers exactly as promised, this is one for you. The musicianship is as tight as ever, the arrangements are all they should be and the performance wholly engaging from start to finish.

In this collection, Kadia have combined the ‘widely well-known’ with the ‘more obscure’, adding their own distinctive style in the process, along the way they've dusted-off some rarely performed riches’ to create the ‘The Outlandish Collection’. From their instrumental invention on ‘Captain Ward’ to the dazzling and skilful dexterity of ‘The Cricketer’s Set’, through a finely-delivered take on the oft-recorded and multiple versioned ballad ‘Lady Isabel and the Elf Knight’ to ‘The Keeper’ given a fine lyrical interplay between the trio, before closing with an outing for a possibly less well-known shanty ‘Randy Dandy’ ... this is EP is an absolute treat.

And here’s hoping that, as referenced earlier, 'The Outlandish Collection’ is the herald of another album from Kadia.


Review: Tim Carroll

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