‘Here Comes Tomorrow’ - David Hershaw and Sandie Forbes - wonderfully beguiling piece of work

(April 26, 2017)

Blending tradition with innovation, seeding Scottish heritage with touches of Americana, matching contemporary songwriting with time-honoured influences ... not always that easy, success not always guaranteed. However, the debut album from David Hershaw and Sandie Forbes does all that ... and does it incredibly well, and if success doesn’t arrive I will be amazed. ‘Here Comes Tomorrow’ is a wonderfully beguiling piece of work. Original Here Comes Tomorrow album covercompositions, finely crafted melodies, strings and voices combining to create a distinctive sound, as David’s dexterity with finger-picked guitar and mandolin, unites perfectly with sweeping accents from Sandie’s touch on violin and viola.

The opening ‘We Are Not Children Anymore’ introduces their style, then ‘Old Wooden Heart’ arrives and they make serious inroads into your soul, from there ‘Footprints on the Tracks’ soars away and takes you with it ... a song to remember long after it fades. There’s a connection through this album that brings artists and audience close together, take in the exuberance of ‘Summer’, the quiet and personal reflection of ‘Badlands’,  the trad narrative of ‘Twaa Hares On A Hill’ and the soft potency of message sealed within ‘Raise A Glass To The Morning’ ... a truly heart-moving song.

David Hershaw and Sandie Forbes have played music for years, that’s perhaps why ‘Here Comes Tomorrow’ comes with considerably more confidence than one might expect from a debut ... then again it’s probably because it’s simply a damn good album.


Review: Tim Carroll

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