‘Still Gannin’ Canny’ by Canny Fettle - this music remains forever young

(May 09, 2017)

Releasing an album 30 years after your last outing might be seen as rather a gap. However, Canny Fettle 001for Canny Fettle who disbanded in the early 80’s only to reform in 2016, this recording ‘Still Gannin’ Canny’ serves as a tribute to their classic albums ‘Varry Canny’ and ‘Trip To Harrogate’. It was recorded in a ‘vintage style’ with the musicians together in one room “captured honestly with a natural blend.”

That much is certainly true, the overall effect when you listen to ‘Still Gannin Canny’ is having the band in the room with you. Naturally, the influence on the songs is strongly biased towards the North-East, combining old melodies and new interpretations. Spiritual and spritely tune sets intertwine with mournful and moving songs, poetry combines with music to forge 14 tracks of undeniably classic folk. In the words of the PR ‘blurb’: “This album features a selection of new and old songs as a tribute to the many people who influenced them throughout the years and endowed them with the joy of music. This is above all what they collectively hope to pass on.”

‘Still Gannin’ Canny’ is also a longing look back at a time when we all much younger, although it’s true to say that growing old is mandatory, growing up is a state of mind, and this music remains forever young.

Featured on ‘Still Gannin’ Canny’ are the usual suspects, Bob Diehl (fiddle) Gerry Murphy (English concertina, Northumbrian smallpipes) and Bob Morton (guitar, vocals) with Jane Diehl, Ian Stephenson, Pete Wood, George Unthank and Grace Smith.


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