‘The Fallow Cry of the Jupiter Owls’ by Jupiter Owls - straight-jacket of definition is not for this album

(May 10, 2017)

Here’s another sound that’s only restricted by artificially cramming what you’re hearing into a restricting superfluous classification box – pastoral pop-tinged folk or laid-back countrified Americana, sixties West Coast feel-good or softly alternative acoustic, it’s all there. And that's Jupiter Owlsthe point, any form of straight-jacket definition is not for Jupiter Owls and neither does it fit their debut album ‘The Fallow Cry of the Jupiter Owls’.

There’s light and dark in equal proportion running through their lyrics, each twist and turn emphasised by softly murmured mixed-back vocals, all-involving harmonies and intricate layers of musical weave. Highlights fro me include: ‘Drowning Man’, ‘Cape Cornwall’, Lightning Strikes The Sea’ and ‘Different Dawn’.

The best I can offer to describe ‘The Fallow Cry of the Jupiter Owls’ is: “... subtle music, engaging melodies, well-crafted and flawlessly delivered.” Take it from there, describe as you see fit, make up your own mind - I think you’re going to like this, nope I know you will.

Jupiter Owls are John Libert (vocals, acoustic guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, percussion, programming) and Ryan Steele (electric/ acoustic guitars, slide guitar, mandolin, percussion) with Kev Jefferies (bass) and Kevin Reed (drums).


Review: Tom Franks

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