‘Fiddle & Guitar’ Ross Couper and Tom Oakes - two musicians clearly loving every second

(May 17, 2017)

Take a Shetland fiddler, a Devon guitarist, mix an album and you have ‘Fiddle & Guitar’ from Ross Couper and Tom Oakes. A simple title to reflect a simple pairing of instruments but there Ross Couper and Tom Oakessimplicity ends. This album is a fine example of virtuoso musicianship of the highest calibre, honed skills and bucket-loads of talent. Add an obvious empathy between two musicians clearly loving every second of their partnership, and you’re into something truly outstanding.

So what does this simple/ complex album offer? ‘Road To Loch’ opens gently adding layer on layer as it builds, ‘Cathcart’ arrives in a rush as fiddle and guitar duel and spar, from there the free-wheeling ‘Shetland Swing’ set morphs innovation with tradition, before ‘92nd Year’ takes the pace down a notch with elegance and distinction. There’s an enigmatic attraction to ‘Something For The Weakened’, enduring warmth with ‘The Last Gasp’ and to close with its fiery pull ‘Devon to Shetland’ refuses to let you remain seated.

‘Fiddle & Guitar’is an experience – definitely one to embrace and immerse yourself in.


Review: Charlie Elland

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