‘The Seventh Wave’ from Skipinnish - tight as you like and full to the brim

(May 18, 2017)

This sound could come from nowhere else. Its presence undeniable. Its attraction powerful. From the minute the anthemic ‘Alive’ opens the album, Skipinnish fills the room and you’re swept away by their amalgam of enduring tradition and original innovation. ‘The Seventh Wave’ comes at you with the all their expected energy and dynamism yet this time it’s polished to a glorious sheen. Skipinnish album coverEach successive album from this band has simply got better, ‘The Seventh Wave’ proves the point ... tight as you like and full to the brim.

In their early days some described them as ‘walking a track laid by previous pioneers’ but with ‘The Seventh Wave’ they’ve moved into their own territory, cut an original path and marked every mile with their own style. There are 14 tracks on this album ... well-known favourites rub shoulders with new originals plus a selection of searing tune sets ... reeling and rocking or soulful and heartfelt it’s a treat for your ears. Their songs reach out with true and deep meaning ... hope within ‘Harvest of The Homeland’, evocative narrative of ‘Ocean Of The Free’, haunting longing in ‘The Iolaire’ and the utterly heartrending faith-tinged sorrow of ‘December’. Their tune sets sparkle and shimmer, moving through foot-tapping ferocity to heart-stopping tenderness, from ‘The Hag’ through ‘The Old Woman’ to ‘MacNab’s Set’.

Skipinnish are: Angus MacPhail (accordion, backing vocals) Andrew Stevenson (Highland bagpipes, whistles) Norrie MacIver (lead vocals, guitar, accordion) Alistair Iain Paterson (piano) Alasdair Murray (Highland bagpipes, whistles) Rory Grindlay (drums) and Angus Tikka (bass). ‘The Seventh Wave’ releases 19th May.


Review: Tim Carroll

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