‘Inclined To Be Red’ - Greg Russell – an accomplished folk musician doing what he does best

(July 11, 2017)

Widely recognised for his work with Ciaran Algar, the solo album ‘Inclined To Be Red’ by Greg Russell is a collection of traditionals, covers and originals, and what’s more it’s an Inclined to be Red Greg Russelloutstanding example of an accomplished folk musician doing what he does best. The musicianship is superb, enough to sear the heart but never too much, the voice touches the soul and gives each song all the presence anyone could wish.

The mix includes some ‘well-knowns’, each given a new coat of paint with Russell’s arrangements, moves through some of those ‘less heard’ brought again to life, along with originals that reflect both talented songwriting ability and an obvious love of narrative. There’s the likes of ‘Farewell’ with its eternal message, ‘Joe Bowers’ and ‘Bold Knight’; an impassioned rendition of Mick Ryan’s homage to The Tolpuddle Martyrs with‘Road to Dorchester’ and the many-versioned ‘Crooked Jack’. The Russell originals include the powerful and prophetic ‘Race To Burn’ and observational ‘Storylines’ while there’s a wonderful version of Si Khan’s ‘What You Do With What You’ve Got’.

‘Inclined To Be Red’ is an album that deserves some serious attention and should generate some serious recognition for its creator.

Playing alongside Greg Russell (vocals, acoustic guitar, 5-string banjo) are Archie Churchill-Moss (diatonic accordion) and Tim Yates (double bass)


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