'Soul for a Compass’ by Amy Henderson - engages and entrances first to last

(July 22, 2017)

The ability to craft a connected blend of heritage and contemporary, involving both traditional songs, covers and originals, into an album that's all-embracing and uniquely involving is no mean feat. With her album ‘Soul for a Compass’ Inverness-based accordionist Amy Henderson has achieved that and more. She has the ability to make her chosen instrument Amy Henderson Soul for a Compassmove through a wide variety of phrases and articulations, and in addition, owns a voice that implores you to listen. Amy has created an album that engages the listener and entrances from first to last.

Opening with her version of Mary Chapin Carpenter’s ‘Why Walk When You Can Fly’ coupled to Bruce McGregor’s ‘Highlander’s Revenge’ is a perfect introduction, the pace quickens with a scintillating rendition of the many-titled strathspey ‘Lady Mary Ramsay’ before the first of Amy’s self-penned tunes arrives with a deliciously emotive ‘Kirsty and Kevin’. From there it’s but a short step into her arrangements of a pair of ‘traditionals’, the boastful ‘Easy and Free’ and the tragic whaling song ‘Bonnie Ship The Diamond’, before Amy indulges her listeners once again with another original ... the evocative ‘Linda and Kenny’s Waltz’.

'Soul for a Compass’ is without doubt an album that should gain Amy wider respect and recognition.

Joining Amy Henderson (accordion, vocals) on ‘Soul for a Compass’ are Brian O’hEadhra (guitar) Hector MacInnes (kit, percussion, Fender) Dave Martin (percussion) Euan Burton (double bass) and Marc Clement (additional drums, guitar, keys).


Review: Tim Carroll

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