‘Nachtvlucht’ from duo Plaisir d’amour - transfixed by this exquisite music

(July 26, 2017)

Someone once remarked: “Simple pleasures remain when sophistication fades.” That observation speaks volumes, especially when you listen to ‘Nachtvlucht’ from duo Plaisir d’amour. That’s not to say this is a simple piece of work, far from it, the album combines both simplicity and complexity, constructed with care and deliberation. The point is that every moment of this album is a pleasure ... nothing unnecessary added, precise, controlled and simply enthralling.Plaisir damour album cover

‘Nachtvlucht’ opens with a traditional Swedish tune, ‘Stensele Polska / Blomgrens polska’ ... and that’s the moment you know this is something out of the ordinary and exceptional. From there they take you into ‘Ne chomin ket da sonjal / Ridee a six temps / Tri Martolod’ a traditional Breton set, and then to the song ‘Vom Truge’ with Anouk singing, before ‘Maksum’, an iridescent Jos Koning composition showcasing two violin riffs makes its presence felt. The magic continues with a Flemish song ‘Isabelle’, two more Jos Konig tunes, ‘Motjesdans’ and the eponymous ‘Nachtvlucht’ or night flight. The eclecticism continues with tunes from Scotland and Ireland, ‘Little Cascade’ and ‘Monaghan's jig / Tam Lin’, a marriage waltz from Sweden ‘Kickis brudsvals’, and a Hanter Dro from Brittany, ‘Fyn Swyntie’ ... each given an beguiling and engrossing edge by Plaisir d’amour.

From the feeling of inner peace developing through its tunes and songs, through the perfect pairing of Anouk Platenkamp’s Celtic harp and Jos Konig’s violi, to the inspired mix of inspirations and sources ... attention cannot fail to be transfixed by this exquisite music.

Plaisir d’amour are Anouk Platenkamp (Celtic harp, voice) and Jos Konig (five string viola, viola d’amore, bowed psaltery).


Review: Tim Carroll

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