‘Liberty’ from Rivers Meet - will touch with a subtle seduction

(July 25, 2017)

When an album includes cover tracks that make you think ‘those are versions I’ve been waiting for’ you Liberty from Rivers Meetknow you’re on to something good. ‘Liberty’ from duo Rivers Meet, will probably reignite the folk-not-folk debate but that should not worry them in the least, classification fades in importance when your music is eclectic, individual and absorbing. There’s Americana sliced and diced with a sultry groove, there’s folk ballad and there’s jazzy elements, add lusciously layered harmonies and Rivers Meet, also known as Grace and Aaron Bond, will touch with a subtle seduction. 

The opening track is ‘Ring of Fire’ and with no disrespect to the late great Mr Cash, arrives in a form that does it more than justice with an understated yet powerful presence, then a little further on the duo repeat the process with a stunning version of ‘Suspicious Minds’ and an inspired take on ‘Fingertips’ by Roy Villanis. Beyond this, there are eight self-penned originals that maintain that powerful embrace, the stand outs being the languid ‘Papered Trust’, softly sensual ‘Regrets and Lies’, the pulse of ‘Sweet Dreams are Coming’ and the aching exquisiteness of ‘Need To Be’.

An album and a duo with some considerable distance to go ...


Review: Tom Franks

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