‘Broke Beyond Tomorrow’ by Liam Merrigan - musically and lyrically attractive

(July 25, 2017)

It’s been a while since I reviewed a ‘man-with-guitar’ album, it’s also been a while since I received an album from someone I’ve never heard of before. In most cases such submissions pretty much fall into two camps – ‘this is good - why haven’t I heard him before?’ and ‘nothing Broke Beyond Tomorrow Liam Merrigannew here - hopefully I won’t hear this again’. Well it’s good to relate that ‘Broke Beyond Tomorrow’ from ‘man-with-guitar’ Liam Merrigan sits fair and square in the former camp – the album is certainly one man and his guitar, it’s also musically and lyrically attractive, and begs the question, where has this man been hiding his talent?

Merrigan certainly writes a fine song, some are hook-laden, some more memorable but across the board this is a man firmly ‘at home’ in his lyrics, melodies and songwriting and deserving of wider exposure. There are ten tracks: from ‘Memory Of You’ that sets up the album through ‘One More Day’ with an angrier stance, to a reflective 'Far Too Long’.The headliner, ‘Broke Beyond Tomorrow’ is intensely memorable, ‘All These Things My Father Said’ powerfully personal, while ‘Dark Days in December’ takes another observational turn. This collection offers its simple attraction through a mix of approaches, messages and character. Each song has its own presence within the mix and each could easily stand alone.

‘Broke Beyond Tomorrow’ is Liam Merrigan’s debut album and it should gain him a wider audience.


Review: Tom Franks

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