‘Tro’ from Gwyneth Glyn - an exceptional aural delight

(August 06, 2017)

Sliding its seductive way into your ears with the sinuousness of a whispered dream, ‘Tro’ (Welsh for ‘turn’) from Gwyneth Glyn is delicate, alluring and eminently listenable. Be not TroFrontcover-295x300paused by the fact that most of the songs are sung in Welsh with some in English ... if you understand the Welsh language all well and good ... if not simply absorb the exquisite vocals and luxuriate in the poetic sounds of ‘Tro’and listen to an exceptional aural delight woven from an ancient Celtic language.

The interlace of music is sufficient to hold the poetry of the lyric but always allowing the words to convey their magic ... sometimes it feels like an enchantment of promise, sometimes there’s an ominous edge. There’s a palpable texture and intense feel to ‘Tro’, it reaches out to pull you in a profound and distinctive way. However your ears perceive the ebb and flow of this album ... light or dark, promising or portentous ... its grip is strong and powerful.

Playing on ‘Tro’ are Gwyneth Glynn (voice, guitar) Rowan Rheingans (banjo, bansitar, violin, vocals) Seckou Keita (kora) Patrick Rimess (violins) Gillian Stevens (viol, crwth) Jordan Price Williams (double bass) Mark O’Connor (drums, percussion) Dylan Fowler (guitar, mandocello, dobro, kantele, tabwrd, electric bass, mbira) and Dan Lawrence (shruti)


Review: Tim Carroll

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