'Spirits EP’ – The Tired Sunday Choir - distilled, blended and aged to perfection

(August 15, 2017)

Sitting somewhere between country and folk with some alt-folk expression added for good measure is the domain of The Tired Sunday Choir and their EP ‘Spirits’. There’s also a serious Spirits The Tired Sunday Choirnod in the direction of tradition and heritage mixed within this blend of reflection and story-telling. Timeless is one word, expressive is another. Held together with the strength of roots and developing with the insistence of new shoots. Laid back thoughtful tunes, narratives that carry their own history, vocals that reflect their own history – distilled, blended and aged to perfection.

There’s only four tracks to savour on this EP, the honesty of ‘Carried Away’, ‘Reason and Doubt’, the quiet understanding within ‘The Girl From The Liquor Store’ and to finish, the meandering and engaging ‘Them There Hills’ – proof, were any needed, that there’s more good music coming out of Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Tired Sunday Choir are Jay Gavin (guitar, vocals) Jesse Brint (guitar, vocals) Mark Roberts (drums, percussion) Paul Salmenmaki (keyboards, organ) and James Butler-Gray (bass)


Review: Tom Franks

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